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Environmental and social audits.

Audit Background

Social and Environmental Audit –Explanatory Notes

These notes are intended to assist the company being audited as to why we are looking at the Social and Environmental aspects of their business as well as the technical and quality aspects.
We have found that businesses need to look beyond their customers and investors in today’s business environment and have a social and environmental responsibility.

We believe that this is essential for building trust within our community, thereby maintaining our ‘licence to operate’ in society. This will also help us to actively manage our risks.

1. Our commitments and expectations
We have made a public commitment to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC's) Business Charter for Sustainable Development and the United Nations Global Impact. Based on these commitments, we are actively seeking to promote social responsibility and good environmental performance throughout our business. This includes working with our suppliers and contractors to support human rights standards and to promote improvements in the environmental practices in our supply chain.

We expect all of our suppliers and contractors to ensure that their employees are adequately protected according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is considered universally binding by the UN. We also expect our suppliers and contractors to participate in developing appropriate environmental improvements in their practices to make them consistent with the intentions of the ICC Charter. We consider these a baseline and we will expect suppliers and contractors to demonstrate continuous improvement in the future.

The issues in the above-mentioned declarations are addressed specifically through the questions in our Questionnaire. It is in respect of these issues that your company will be audited. We will expect you to grant us access to the people and documents mentioned under the Audit process. This is fundamental for being able to carry out a social and environmental audit.

2. Our approach to supplier evaluation
We have begun the process of supplier evaluation, to ensure proper risk management we must be able to support the Questionnaire through an audit.

We ask the same questions to all suppliers and contractors wherever they are situated in the world because the standards are considered universal. This means that some of the questions in the Questionnaire and in the audit may seem well below your standard, while others may seem above.

Our aim is to improve performance, not to terminate business. We wish to create a climate of trust in which you as a supplier can feel free to approach us with a problem. Where possible, we will work with our suppliers to find solutions.

If needed, to agree on an action plan for improvement with timeframes and responsibilities.